Exchange your skills for accommodation

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I love products like these that are good for humanity. It'll be interesting to see next steps. Great work, team.
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It's like Helpx, Workaway, and Skillstay, but I like that there's a variety of skills on the main page, which I hope means that people are actively looking for those skills, such as arts, web development, and even social media (apart from the obvious: social work, gardening, etc.). Anyway, I might give this a go next time I decide to backpack. :)
@v4violetta Hi Violeta, we are very happy that you liked our work. I'm a Software Engineering at Worldpackers and it was awesome to see all the feedback that are in the comments. Please definitely use Worldpackers on your next travel :) By the way, I liked Amezemeet a lot, keep the good work :D
This looks ace. As a stay-trade noob I find this concept fantastic and they offer a quick to-the-point UI. Nice.
Agree with Violeta. I really like that there is so many of skills varieties. Hope that I'll see filter for "what we offer option". Also, i'm wondering about one thing. As I can see a lot of places just give bed and food and expect 5-6h/day of work for 15+ days, so person still needs to earn money somehow if he/she plans to stay for a longer period. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a lot of work :)
@ncerovac Good point, I'll try to hunt down the maker to see what they say about this issue. I agree it's too much too ask.
@v4violetta maybe they can make a difference in eyes of hosts. Maybe, to explain them that coding hour is different then cleaning hour or smth like that. just shooting ideas :)
Hi!!! I am a software engineer at Worldpackers! @ncerovac You are right! The expected workload you see at the host profile is only an initial, and sometimes generic, estimative. When you apply to a host (tell him that you are interested in volunteering), you start an open conversation with hostel owner. Then, you can negotiate your workload, minimum time to stay and your tasks as a volunteering. The trip only happens if there is an agreement of both parts. BTW, thanks @v4violetta for this awesome post.
Hi @fmbesson great job guys with the website and thank you for response. I would maybe add this explanation to be more visible on website. but that's just me :) And for sure will use your service for traveling
thanks a lot for the feedback @ncerovac !!!
Really cool idea,. Reminds me of WOOFing, but for different skillsets.