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A Windows, Mac & Android live wallpaper that uses photographs from locations around the world that match the current time. If it's 6pm in the Caribbean, watch the sun set over the tropical ocean. If it's 7am in California, watch the sun rise over the Golden Gate. I've been working on this project for three years now - I shot & edited all of the photographs myself. Hard to believe it's finally launching! Would love to hear your feedback.
Thus is very interesting and something I'll look into further. I like the photos, you have a nice eye. I would recommend changing when you show the pop-up message to sign up for your mailing list. Showing it immediately after I get to your page, before I've had a chance to look around and determine if I like what I see, is probably costing you some sign-ups. Maybe show it later or have a header with a sign-up box that's visible all the time.
@fbara thank you for the feedback! We're using Sumome - it has an "automatic" setting, but sounds like it's not working as well as claimed. Looking in to it now!
Beautiful pictures. Is there a way for me to know what location I am looking at?

I really like seeing the day progress over different locations. I would like to see more locations. The program comes with 10 locations. I clicked browse locations hoping they had more available but was taken to the page I downloaded the program from. I will use it until I get bored or find something better.


Cool concept. The program runs smoothly.


I would like to see more locations. If there is a way to download more locations I'm not seeing it. The pictures could be clearer.