World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard Entertainment's latest MMO expansion

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WoW, the Legion was very successful in my opinion. But all players of course know that recently came the seventh update of World of Warcraft battle for Azeroth, which you can play on the official service. I have already started to pump the warrior and want to try to buy wow gold to buy things character. Say you already play in the battle for Azeroth, as you think this version is good or has flaws? Let's discuss character abilities and levels, shall we?
Wow, I am pretty much amazed with a new trailer. Can't wait to get my hand on this new adon. Even in 2019 WOW manages to create hype and interest among the gamers. Considering that this is one of the oldest OG games from my childhood. There are even a lot of new platforms around WOW. I am taking about marketplaces, something similar to where people can legally buy and boost their characters :)
I really enjoyed playing this expansion, although I kinda still miss WLK.