World City Icons

An extensive collection of handmade icons of over 160 cities

#2 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2017

A 5 month project led to the creation of 5 collections of unique icons. With over 160 cities, the world city icons collections are one of the most extensive ones in the web. All the icons are available for download in vector format for you next project.

George Vasiliadis
Thomas Moreau
  • George Vasiliadis
    George VasiliadisSpace, Tech, Nutrition, Fitness

    Greatly designed icons for tons of cities all around the world.


    I would like 161 cities. 😍

    Amazing work. Incredible detail in every icon. I love it. 😍

    George Vasiliadis has used this product for one day.
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Mark Feng
Mark Feng@mark_feng
Very useful. How do can we download the files to sketch?
Yannis Abelas
Yannis AbelasMaker@yannis_abelas · Digital product designer.
@mark_feng you can download them from this link and then just drag and drop them into Sketch 🙂
Tom Frazier
Tom Frazier@tomfrazier
Yannis Abelas
Yannis AbelasMaker@yannis_abelas · Digital product designer.
@tomfrazier thanks!
MetaCanvas App
MetaCanvas App@metacanvasapp · MetaCanvas - Business Design
You could make iMessage stickers with them ... its really easy
Patrick Onyekachukwu Udeh
Patrick Onyekachukwu Udeh@patrick_udeh · Digital Vigilante
Great collection. However, your icons seem to be mainly of capital cities. Lagos, for instance, is a more popular city in Nigeria than Abuja.
Yannis Abelas
Yannis AbelasMaker@yannis_abelas · Digital product designer.
@patrick_udeh Thank you Patrick! You are correct; we mainly focused on the capital cities, for now, we have plans on expanding each collection to cover most of the cities of the world in the future.
George Vasiliadis
George VasiliadisPro@geovasiliadis · Space, Tech, Nutrition, Fitness
These guy is kicking it! Super dooper work by an awesome creative. ❤️ Downloaded it!