World Brush

AR app where you paint on the real world for others to find

World Brush is an AR experience where users can paint on the world for others to discover.Every painting is anonymous and only visible where it was created.

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Hi, I'm Michael from Active Theory. World Brush is our first product; for the past 5 years we have built a lot of web-based 3D experiences but are really hot on AR and are excited to get in this game. The technology powering this app is actually web-based tech. We've built a platform that runs as a native iOS app, but the World Brush coding was all written in JavaScript and can run on the web when WebAR becomes available. You can read more about that on Medium: I'm eager to discuss and answer any questions!
@activetheory @michaeltheory I love the idea, it's brilliant!
Landing page mouse pointer animation is awesome.
Very cool @michaeltheory! I like the fact that you have the option to 'report' malicious/bad content. What are your thoughts on, someone else, for lack of a better word, augmenting your painting and taking away from the original intent? Are there going to be identities associated with each to keep 2 pieces of art separate? Another thought, can you actively engage and hide some of the content in the same scene (say multiple people are drawing graffiti's in the same area) to reduce the noise as you try to experience something specific?
@sarthakgrover augmenting a painting is an expected and somewhat encouraged behavior. Defacing wouldn't be cool, but soon as you flag it disappears from your view forever. What you mentioned about further filtering is something we are considering the best approach for but are waiting to see how the app is used at scale and will begin to push updates with new features.
@michaeltheory That sounds good! Congrats on the launch.
Like everything about AR! I think it is very cool.
Wow this is awesome! It works like a charm!