World After Capital

How to live in a world after capital by Albert Wenger

World After Capital is a free book by USV's Albert Wenger.

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5 Reviews3.8/5

Albert Wenger isn't some pop economist cranking out pages for money and glory. (He already has that stuff.) This is a deeply thought-out work, the result of years of study and experience. What is most appealing to me about it, aside from the ideas, is that human happiness and well-being are at the core. This isn't just cold theory served on an sanitized platter. There's no question that WAC is a labor of love and of purpose. Wenger won't be on to the next trend in six months — he's here for the duration.


Highly accessible writing on some pretty challenging material. You'll be smarter after you read this.


May make hardcore Rand fans mad.

I always enjoy Albert's thoughts & insights. I've only read the intro so far, but I'm already looking forward to diving into this.
How did he come to the conclusion that food was scarce during hunter gatherer times? It's actually quite the opposite, the human population was not big enough to create such a thing.
@soueluls There is research to support your argument:
This looks like a fascinating book! I will report back after I've finished reading.
Can't wait to read it!