Manage the priorities and workflow of your team

I'm really trying to find something funny and smart to write about this product but it's so clean and so useful that I don't want to ruin it with a joke. Just try it. Plus, it works with Basecamp.
@syswarren Good submission. This looks a lot like how our team uses Trello... stacks of cards denoting different tasks.
@cdevroe This is exactly how I use Trello (and it always end up badly)
@syswarren Trello is tough... it is almost _too_ flexible and versatile. I find that once you figure out the right mix in Trello stick with it.
@cdevroe I must admit that I love trello and I couldn't not use it. It's a must have when you're working on a product.
As the co-founder of @Workstack I'd love to know your thoughts @syswarren @cdevroe on our product.
@spencerdkelly really beautiful looking product. At @Spare_Chair we're deciding between Trello and Asana, but we're already using basecamp, so we'll definitely take a close look at workstack.