Learn new skills simply by doing them.

Learning is something to be enjoyed, not endured. By getting hands-on from the start, Workshop lets you skip the lectures and do more of what you love.

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Hey PH, Dan from Workshop here. Workshop is an iOS and Android app where you can learn new skills by getting hands-on from the start. With Workshop, you skip the lectures so that you can do more of what you love! The world of Education is being disrupted left, right and centre by technology, and we’re committed to using research backed methodologies in our approach to improving the way people learn. We’ve just introduced free sessions which allow you to learn in a step-by-step, deconstructed format, free of charge. We’re also working on some professional courses and are soon to be branching outside of teaching just cooking skills. We’re available world wide, and if you’re a Great British Bake-Off fan (The Great British Baking Show for our friends in America), you’ll see we’ve got some veterans of the show teaching you in the app. Find out more in our recent feature with Apple - Hope you enjoy the app and we’d love to get some feedback from you!
I had the pleasure of working alongside Workshop creating these super in depth cooking courses. It was interesting to see how we could adapt a normal cooking lesson into a fun way to learn on your phone, really happy to see them come this far! Go on guys!
Hey, Benjamina from Bake Off! Awesome, I don't think my obsession with that show can get any bigger!
@daniolympi Haha we love Bake Off! Benjamina’s been so great to work with – she's an amazing teacher 👌
Great idea, and I'm eager to see where it goes in terms of learning categories. Recommendation 'How to Paint a Basquiat'.
@ramy_alkadhi Creative subjects definitely lend themselves to learning by doing, so a 'How to Paint' in an artist's style is a great suggestion. We're hands-on skill-focused at the moment, but generally passionate about helping teachers pass on their knowledge with the best methods tech can provide!

I've had the opportunity to try the bread making workshop. I am not the kitchen freak type but thanks to this app I learned a lot of things behind the chemistry of cooking. It was a really good experience. One of the best things of this app is the methodology behing the learning process. It really helps to have a challenge section where you can upload your progress, I don't know the reason but it helps you gasp the things you have learned.


The app is super easy to use. The price of the workshops is reasonable. The methodology is top notch!


Eager for more not kitchen related workshops :)