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I like the idea. I wonder why they aren't offering a free trial. The paywall seems steep.
@rrhoover there was a link somewhere the to get 1 free email but I can't find it. I personally don't think the paywall is all that steep. If you close one of these projects (and they are all expected to be no less than $1,000) then you've made your money back and saved time :)
@Massaroma agreed the monthly price is reasonable but that assuming the quality is there. Without getting a sample, it's hard to trust that it will deliver.
I have the same reservation as @rrhoover — I want to see a real sample or get a few emails before giving my credit card information. Separately, I wish they had personalization/bucketing (e.g. only mobile and UI/UX leads in the Bay Area).
I'm going to give Workshop a try and, if it would be helpful to others, report back on this thread with my experience and impressions. Anyone have an offer code (there's a field for it in the checkout form)?