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Workruit understands that you are busy building your company and is here to help you save time in finding the right talent. The app only shows you those profiles that are relevant to your requirement. Post a job for free today and start swiping!

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Workruit is a mobile platform that connects job seekers and recruiters instantly, based on mutual interest. This team of technology enthusiasts is set out to revolutionize the tedious recruitment process and replace it with a simple and scientific approach. One would no longer have to deal with complex databases and lengthy descriptions. Workruit curate an extensive database of candidates and employers, based on their talent and job requirements. Using an intelligent algorithm we make highly relevant recommendations. No hassle, no nonsense - just matches that make sense! For applicants: 1) Custom jobs for their profiles 2) Direct and instant contact with the recruiter via in-app messaging. 3) Jobs, on-the-go! Whenever, Wherever. For recruiters: 1) Unlimited job postings and highly relevant profiles 2) High success rate; accurate and effective process 3) Direct and instant contact with candidates via in-app messaging. Download Workruit today and swipe right for your next job!
@abhishekshah How is it different from other hiring platforms ? Few thoughts if you are doing B2B sales : a) Target companies who have recently raised funding. Since they have raised money, they are going to expand, hire more people and thus makes sense for them to use your product. b) Target companies who are aggressively hiring.
@shreyaa_ratra Workruit is a lot different from other platforms. One major difference is that workruit is an app only platform, allows instant chat, has elements of gamification and gratification, connects the recruiter and the job hunter instantly & the list goes on and on. a. Yes we have targeted Startups, SMEs / MSMEs / Corportates b. We have also identified which sectors are hiring the most and have invited the HR heads to post their job requirements on Workruit. Thanks for your advice. Team Workruit
@abhishekshah Do you want to HR database which is from Startup and SME it is customised database include corporate email id I work for freelance basis in similar app which is closed this year . The app UI is cool but need lots of work as there is no job posted
@sarang_pharate1 Lets talk about this. How can i reach you?
I think idea is great, but you can do this very perfectly or not
@roland_hovsepyan Yes nearly perfect.... moreover there is always a room for improvement. Try the app today!
@ani_hakobyan Glad that you liked the app. Thank you!
@chellius Glad that you liked the app. Thank you!
Used the App. Hired 2 Customer Service Associates within 48 hours. Great idea!
@anirudh_kankatala That's great to hear. Hope you keep recruiting through Workruit!