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WorkonFlow is a platform which combines all the ways you communicate with your team and customers in a single interface. Plan your projects and processes with Kanban board, automate your work with bots, and organize your team.

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Rethinking project management and how teams coordinate work by adding automation is super interesting. Can you share a few use cases of how this would work in practice, @nashwhaley? It feels like there are ton of features at first glance, it's a little unclear if this is supposed to be a Trello replacement or a complimentary product.
Hey @rrhoover, great to hear from you! WorkonFlow is a tool for managing the business processes in your company. Our approach to work is based on the premise that the degree to which your business processes are organized directly impacts profits in your company. I think Trello is a great product, but the entire paradigm is such that a kanban board represents a single project. To us, this contradicts the very purpose of having a board in the first place. In WorkonFlow, a kanban board is a process (sort of like an assembly line in a factory) which produces the same result time and time again. In this way, a department might use a number of different processes to bring a project to fruition. Bots in WorkonFlow are connected to specific processes and automate actions and tasks. This might be sending clients a bill, reminding users of deadlines, or distributing tickets amongst agents in your tech support department. Every bot available in our Bot Store has its own function. Admittedly there aren't too many of them right now, but in the coming months we plan to release a platform for developers to create and implement their own bots. As far as real use cases are concerned, we currently use the platform to run all of the processes and departments in our company. We have bots which answers calls, distribute client tickets, automatically answer questions from clients, and of course a few purely for entertainment. I hope this answers your question. Thanks so much for the interest!
Hello everyone! Thank you for checking out WorkonFlow. First off, a huge thanks to @neerajt4 for hunting us. We created the WorkonFlow platform to tackle issues of continuity and scalability when managing business processes over several departments. Many companies are bogged down with a truly colossal number of applications and software in their day to day operations. WorkonFlow combines essential project management tools such as kanban board and communications channels (VoIP, live-chat, email), with automation solutions via bots. We hope you enjoy WorkonFlow. We look forward to hearing your feedback and answering your questions.
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Looks interesting! How does this compare to Pipify? Similar premise?
@alexhbass Thanks for your question. I personally don't have any experience using Pipefy, but I think it's fair to say WorkonFlow has a similar premise based on what I've read. I think the key difference would be our Bot platform and the way we connect business processes together using subthreads, whereas in Pipefy you might just have a checklist at a certain stage. Thank you for your interest. We'd love to hear your thoughts.