Easy time tracking for remote teams working on Slack.

Worklogs is a tool that helps you track the working hours for collaborators in remote teams. Post clock-ins directly to slack and alert teammates when active.

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We built because we are remote workers ourselves and we wanted a way to know when our teammates are online and available for work. Worklogs works with your Slack (We are assuming everyone uses Slack πŸ˜„) and we hope you enjoy using it. ✌️ We’d love to hear how it works with your team, and what changes you think should be made.
This is an awesome idea, & I'm sure alot of teams with remote workers would find this tool handy. Nice work guys!
I can recommend to check Time Doctor. It allows to to check what every worker dealt with, what sites browsed and what apps used. Of course, there are more benefits of using this tool like a possibility to choose the most gifted workers from anyplace in the world, cut costs of sick leaves, decrease of all components of business costs, diminishing expenses for the office maintenance and agile teamwork. Personally I can say that Time Doctor makes my work with a remote team much easier. This article offers a better view -