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Worklog Tracker extension helps you seamlessly track time and automatically synchronize work logs between different time trackers. The extension works well with Jira, Toggl, Keen and Yandex.Tracker.
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Hi there! We're developers, who like to optimize everything. What we don’t like - is redundant and useless work. So, when we had to track several tasks simultaneously using different trackers (including Jira, which is always painful), or migrate between them, we were quietly dying inside. Worklog is capable of: - doing a real time tracking in JIRA ( both cloud and server versions) - logging in two trackers simultaneously (Jira -> Toggle, for example) - exporting all your logs from one place to other (just choose the dates in the calendar) - identifying JIRA issues (by opening Worklog in the right browser tab) - delivering top-notch user experience in Firefox and Chrome browsers We’d like to share it with the community to enhance time-tracking experience. Any feedback would be highly appreciated! Peace, love, productivity!
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Nice product! I've never seen it before, but it's great!
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Extention is awesome. When I use Toggl, I have to go to the website every time ...
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@shun_yamada that's why we've done it and it gets even better if you had to track to multiple trackers at once.
This one really stands out from other apps built for similar use cases. You might want to consider posting on as well :)
@hrishikesh1990 thanks for advice you have a great website to be featured on.
@hrishikesh1990 submitted for review. How long does it usually takes?
@leonid_sxuxs_kondratev Wow! That was quick :) This should be done by tomorrow. We will also reach back on mail and Twitter :)
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Great product and it's free!
@maxshash yes it's completely free. Glad you've liked it.
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