A community journal to chronicle what you're doing at work

worklog is a community work journal to chronicle what you're doing at work. We all let our resumes get out of date. Instead of struggling to condense your hazy memories into bullet points, journal what you're doing, learning, and accomplishing as it happens.

Hi! I'm tinkering with this project to scratch my own itch. I find updating my resume to be fraught - I can never crisply recall what I've done or how to condense months or years of my life into tidy bullet points. Folks seem to have similar issues so I cooked up a small web app to act as a public, community journal where folks can write about what they are doing, learning, and accomplishing in real time. I'd love to hear what you think and how I can make this useful -- thanks so much for your time!
@john_pignata Great idea, it could very well grow to be a resume builder with a twist it seems
@john_pignata how do you see this as different to a blog?
@samrye_enspiral Hey! I'm not sure it is – from a certain angle, it's a blog with a specific context. The frame of mind I'm hoping to create for myself and others is permission to publish half-baked notes and fragments along side full long-form blog posts.
@john_pignata cool, that's kinda how I work, and tend to just used Medium for this purpose at this stage. Was trying to work out if you see an opportunity to use one or more structures to facilitate reflective practice (could be interesting and useful), or whether you were just looking at creating a neutral blogging platform (lots of existing solutions here).
@samrye_enspiral Nice. I have some follow up questions -- I'll shoot you an email. To answer your question: the former! I want people to share what they are doing to grow their resume day by day, and I want to build features around that concept.