A new way to manage your projects. Perfect for remote teams.

Worklight is a brand new project management app designed specifically to help distributed teams collaborate better.

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Looks like a Trello clone with less features, am I wrong?
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Ben King
Maker of SaaS Products
@usfslk Hi Youssef, I wouldn’t necessarily say less features, just different ones 🙂 There is definitely overlap, but where Trello is a great generic all-purpose tool, Worklight is more focused on collaboration for distributed teams. For example we support working hours and time zones to help identify when your team is working if you’re out of sync. And Trello to my understanding doesn’t support discussions on a project level. This is also just an initial release and we’re working on adding more improvements focused particularly for software development teams like GitHub integration. Hope that answers your question!
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Dorota ParadFounder and CEO, Rhosys
I love the visualization of working hours, it's an awesome help for teams across >3 different time zones. At the same time, I don't really care about all the other features much, there are tools out there that do them better.
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Anna Filou
Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
The time zones features looks fantastic! Perfect for distributed teams, seeing local time color coded along with tasks and project progress 🙌🏻 UI looks awesome as well!
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Founder of Division 77
my email code isn't working. Tried twice.
WayneProduct Manager
Why does the world need another project management tool? Is something missing in the current offerings?
Rich Peterson
System & Process Consultant 🚀
@waynejonesjnr haha yes, I started listing them all at Software For Projects and we're now at over 200 🤭
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