Worklife Slackbot

Your personal meeting assistant, in Slack

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Most people at TNW now use this tool, and I'm going to install the Slack bot right away as well!
@boris Awesome, thanks Boris!
We just released a Slackbot that helps you prep you for upcoming meetings and lets you add & distribute agendas without leaving Slack. Let us know what you think...
I absolutely love WorkLife and have been using it for organizing, preparing for, and running meetings for a while now.
@jcwinter Thanks man! Appreciate the kind words.
We use WorkLife at all Muck Rack and Shorty Awards meetings -- it's made us much more efficient and keeps us all accountable for having a point to every meeting.
@gregory Thanks Greg! Glad to hear it.
Dave, as big users of both WorkLife & Slack... we will be trying this out immediately. Keep up the great work!
@tmninja Thanks Craig! Let us know what you think.