WorkLife for Chrome

Create & share agendas within Google Calendar (Chrome ext.)

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Co-founder here. We're excited about our new Chrome Extension, which lets you add and share agendas for your meetings right from inside Google Calendar, and then actually follow the agendas (and take notes together) during the meeting in WorkLife to keep it focused and productive. Would love to hear what you think...
@awesomeculture great looking design. Does it integrate with Hangouts?
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! For now, you have to have two tabs open to use WorkLife and Hangout at the same time, but we're exploring tighter integration.
Well on their way to product market fit. A must have for any company that values time for their employees. Looking forward to see the updates @davekashen and team have in store.
I love the fact that this is an extension, but have to let it go, cos it doesn't integrate with apps I use. Love the collaboration feature btw. Will wait until it talks to Asana and others.
@manikarthik Hey Mani, we're working on a number of integrations... I'll keep you posted!
Very cool. Any chance this could dump my actions into my 'tasks' in gmail?
@joewaltman Hey Joe, that's definitely possible. We'll explore adding it in.
Great job @awesomeculture & team! I've been using this for a few weeks now and love the productivity boost from such an easy-to-use tool. I'd like a (deeper) integration with Slack! :)
@jordanlyall Thanks Jordan! We just added the ability to post to Private Groups and specific team members on Slack. What else would you like in terms of deeper integration?