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Another jewel made with Meteor.js!
I've been using this since it first launched. Great rapid development. It's like GTD for meetings in that you are forced to create an agenda (agenda-less meetings are the devil) and clear post meeting updates. Big thumbs up!
Have you tried it yet, @mbavio? How does it compare to UberConference (which shares a similarly "super" name)?
@rrhoover I've just tried it for a meeting and I have to say that I really love the fact that the interface is 100% real-time so it feels really collaborative to fill meeting notes with a group at the same time. Regarding UberConference, I think they are complementary tools and no competition, since Meeting Hero focus on meeting agenda, notes & goals and not in the call itself. Give it a try, it seems like a useful product.
ahhh this is amazing!!