WorkingOn 2.0

Minimalistic progress tracking for teams.

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Thanks for hunting WorkingOn, Justin. I'm Mark, the original developer and cofounder. WorkingOn is a minimalistic progress tracker for teams. It makes sharing work in real-time quick and easy by integrating with many different tools. Although I originally built it for my development team, it is currently utilized by teams across a variety of industries from law firms to marketing teams. WorkingOn was previously hunted back in March 2014 when it was just my very early side project. We've added a lot since then like: * 15+ different integrations including Slack, Asana, Wunderlist, GitHub and Zapier * A nifty Chrome Extension built to help you focus on the current task * Searching, history, tagging, exporting, and customizable reminders You can also read about our latest updates on Medium: Our team consists of Ann Diab, my cofounder George Diab, and myself. We're excited to hear from the Product Hunt community and would love any feedback or questions.
@markcicoria what problem do the various platforms you integrate with (Slack, Asana, etc.) NOT solve that WorkingOn does?
@eliotpeper Hey Eliot, thanks for asking! Our folks tell us that they like to be able to have the autonomy to use the tools that best fit their workflow - even if it's different within the same company. So, WorkingOn pulls their activity from all of those places into one central digest. This gives cross-company visibility into what's happening with each other and on other teams in one report. (And helps you prevent a meeting to listen to all those updates, or keeps you from having to search through Asana, Slack, AND the other tools for comments and progress.) Here's something one of our newest customers told me: "We needed a communication channel to let everyone know what everyone else is working on, but we couldn't settle on one platform or tool to use. "
It can be difficult to track work and give overall visibility to your team (and managers) especially while you’re bogged down by meetings and processes. WorkingOn is a very simple yet powerful tool that helps teams stay in sync by providing quick ways to share what you’re working on with your team. It integrates with a bunch of other products and has a very clean design.
I was already addicted to workingon, these updates make it even better. I think my favorite right now is the [Wunderlist]( integration. Question for the team: with so many potential integrations, how you prioritize your roadmap?
@thomasknoll That's a great question, TK! We encourage feature requests from our customers, but we also dive in deeper to ask them how they would use this feature. We aim to remain true to the essential value that WorkingOn delivers, and line up requests against that. People love to track their goals, so we integrated with Wunderlist. People want autonomy in the tools they use, so we integrated with Zapier. And tagging definitely will help a lot of our folks with their need to graph and analyze their work reports.
@anndiab @thomasknoll At some point we would like to open up our API to the public, and see what amazing integrations they themselves will build. So, sometimes we decide not to build a thing, because we think the community will be able to do it better.
It's awesome what you guys are doing, especially for those teams who have remote team members or work with freelancers - basically almost every startup these days. Did you notice team dynamics changing upon starting to use WorkingOn?
@avrliza Hey Liza! I am so passionate about helping remote teams feel connected and respected by each other. I've used WorkingOn with two other companies before joining the team, and I really appreciated knowing what my teammates were doing, even if it was just "finding a new coffee shop" or "disconnecting for a bit". When George uses Zapier to post his Swarm checkins to WorkingOn, sometimes we respond in Slack with funny reactions. I love it when our customers say things like “If you know what someone is working on, you can choose not to disturb them during a heads-down or offline moment, or you can send them over something that is related to what they're working on.”
I really dig the new additions here. I was having difficulties with a particular writer being less than productive, so we used your first version to keep them on task. Combined with Slack, we gained a lot of insight and visibility into what was and was not being done. Glad to see there are easier ways to get a overview of tasks and productivity on the platform now.
@thejournalizer Love it! I used WorkingOn for writer visibility, too! A lot of other people tell us it helps them respect their busy coworkers' time - "knowing when to not bother team members that are in zen" is a direct quote. ;)