Minimalistic team progress tracking

Our team is semi-distributed, and leans toward asynchronous even when we’re in the same room. I don’t know how we would work without the passive encouragement of seeing what everyone is cranking on. Plus, our stand ups are much better now that we don’t spend any time taking about what we’re working on. We only have to share blockers and fun stories now.
It’s magical when combined with
I like the simplicity of the product, based on my quick tour of the homepage. It's very similar to iDoneThis ( from @smalter, @lethargarian
@rrhoover This was posted back when WorkingOn was just a side project (and before the maker could comment!) We're now having awesome discussion after WorkingOn 2.0 was hunted today. Thanks for building a platform where a community can really chat about new products!
yep, very very similar to iDoneThis. will be interesting to see how it develops
@_jacksmith Hey Jack! Would love to have you check out how far WorkingOn has come in the last two years since it was posted as a side project, especially with the changes that iDoneThis has gone through as well.
@anndiab just saw your 2.0. it looks good!