An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use time tracking app for macOS

WorkingHours is a cross-platform time tracking tool that has just released on it's forth platform: macOS.
It was primarily built for freelancers and employees working from home and focuses on the ease of use, while still providing some powerful features.
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Hi hunters & makers, ๐Ÿ‘‹ I am an indie dev working on this app for over 3 years already and it finally made it's way to macOS! If you ever searched for an easy-to-use time tracking software, without the need to read 10 sheets of documentation or sign up for an account, this might be for you - simply launch the app and hit the "start timer" button. The app is designed to be as simple & self-explanatory as possible while still offering some advanced features like: - cross-platform sync so you can keep track of your time no matter if you're in front of your PC screen or on the go with your phone - Excel export for sending your working hours to the boss or post-processing them in Excel - Analytics screen giving you a quick and easy overview of what you worked on and for how long in a given time period - powerful tagging, filter & search functions - macOS-specific features: menu bar timer control Let me know if you have any questions - looking forward to your feedback!
Interesting app. Is it created in electron?
@csaba_kissi Thanks! No, I've done it with Xamarin