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@bogomep thanks for posting this here, I hope people enjoy it. Definitely aimed at the non-techie audience: newbie devs, designers and the like. I'm also working on a complementary video series over at https://terminal.training based on the same structure but will also include bonus bodies that go into specific tools that can help with development workflows.
@remy @bogomep This is awesome - I use terminal a lot (designer who codes) but don't know much about it other than what my dev tells me to do. Instant purchase for me and the video training looks great too
Don’t fear the terminal. No, really. However you’ve wound up face-to-face with the cool glow of a terminal window, Remy Sharp is here to help. Gain command-line shortcuts and processing techniques, install new tools and diagnose problems, and fully customize your terminal for a better, more powerful workflow.
Hey hunters, I've since finished the online video version of this book - details here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...