Working Jobs Radio

A podcast about people who love what they do for a living

Walter! So excited to start listening to this. Checked out Episode 0 and loved it (
bookmarked. will be really interesting to see what types of people/jobs they bring on.
Hey @eriktorenberg! Creator here. Got about two months of guests completed/scheduled. Few start up founders, two musicians, two writers, an actor, and a couple in between. Some wildly successful, some just starting out. Trying to express a super broad range of experiences.
@tonysheng can we get some names?!?! I'll share some upcoming guests on our end
@eriktorenberg I'll DM you on twitter :) I want to avoid promoting with big names at this stage because it'd be antithetical to the vibe of treasuring the process instead of celebrating the success. I want people to tune in because they like to hear about the journey, not because they want to hear a well-known person talk about their outcome.