Working Copy 3

The powerful Git client for iOS

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Hi everybody, I hope you like this new release of Working Copy. Many people have been using previous versions of the app to read code and I tried to improve this use-case significantly with the dark mode and fuzzy search. If you clone a big repository it will take some time before everything is indexed, as the source files need to be parsed looking for … See more
Jacob Hobbie
@linkchef · Student
Working Copy is an amazing little tool that I used this last year to help with some of my personal Git projects. I'm so glad an update was put out! Thanks for all your work @palmin!
Peter Gross
@anglebalancing · Founder, Horizon PPM
As someone that started using Working Copy a couple of months ago I had (wrongly) assumed that being such a handy product that it had already been hunted! I use it multiple times a day to review code with my remote tech team. Now I've found it I don't know what I'd do with out it. It's definitely reached PMF in my mind. Strongly recommended.