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Congrats on the launch! Going to ask the obvious question, how do you compare with Slack? :)
Hi Ben and thanks for hunting us! The short answer is that workgroup is a much simpler/faster/less noisy platform - it actually has no teams and no setsup, you simply open workgroups on-demand, in seconds, with anyone you want, from any company, to discuss any subject. So if Slack is ideal for a dev team working mostly internally, Workgroup is perfect for anyone working with people from inside and outside their company, especially when working with non-tech people, who find Slack a bit much. This includes business people, investors, service agencies (from lawyers to PR agents), freelancers - and anyone who would find themselves switching between 10 teams. The longer answer, since I've been asked this already, is in a post I wrote, called: "Is Slack the last business app we’ll ever need?" The reason we built Workgroup is that in our vision, practically every email conversation with people on CC, represents a group of people trying to get things done - a workgroup, and can achieve huge efficiency advantages from switching the discussion to simple real-time messaging platform. So since even the most die hard Slack fans (including the CEO), still connect outside via Email, I think most Slack users will find it very useful to open on-demand workgroups outside their teams. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback...
@amibendavid You just described all the weakness of Slack and the strengths of Skype. Additionally Skype most likely has the person you want to chat with signed up.
I love workgroup, using along with Slack for communications outside my organization.
I have used it a bit and it's really comfortable communicating with co-workers or co-partners on a project. Really screens out the clutter and distractions of social media and alternative communication platforms.
@bianak thanks! Workgroup is best for any project involve people from your company and different companies/locations.
First of all congrats, it looks great and I like the Whatsapp>>workgroup thing. Joining @benln with the Slack question. Do you think it can be a new approach of reaching out to potential clients/partners and have them added to a workgroup by email, and by that create a more chat-ish feeling conversation? Good luck!
@yoavush @benln absolutely, you can add clients/partner by email in Workgroup, they get a link and as soon as they click it, they join the workgroup. On the web, it's practically one-click from the email, they don't even have to enter a password. Even if you don't have their email, each workgroup has an invite link - which you can send anyone, to get them directly to the workgroup too. Once inside - it's a real-time conversation, much faster and more effective, you can see if the client/partner read your message, and get stuff done in minutes that on email would take days.
Looking good, good luck!