• Jim Groenen
    Jim GroenenGrowth Marketeer

    My absolute favourite tool for to do lists and notes :)


    forces you to keep it simple - maybe actually a good thing

    Workflowy has been amazing to me for over 2 years now. Also check out Frank Degenaar's book for more advanced suggestions.

    Also covered workflowy in this video:

    Jim Groenen has used this product for one year.
  • Henry Fraser
    Henry FraserKnowledge and legal, Codepact

    Intuitive, great to be able to expand and contract items


    Would be good if bullets were easier to export to calendar, or other apps like Trello

    Workflowy has been a revelation. I use Trello with my co-founder to organise tasks, including organising legal work, but we found that it was hard to share complex information, legal analysis, legal drafting and facts on Trello. Workflowy fills that gap for us - it's great for briefing each other, and the capacity to zoom in and zoom out on detail via expandable bullet points makes it perfect for our kind of work. We also sometimes use it to plan out data structures for programmable legal content, and again the bullets and ability to zoom in and out help us to communicate complex hierarchies really effectively.

    Henry Fraser has used this product for one month.
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Mike Bracco
Mike BraccoHunter@bracco · Product at JibJab
I've managed my life in Workflowy for years. It clicks with me more than any other notes or task app has (I've tried them all). Its ability to adapt to your workflow and basically empower you to create your own personal operating system around notes and tasks is second to none. This update brings the iOS app parity with the web app and also provides some unique features (like quickly being able to add notes in any stared location). Two thumbs up.
Brent Schulkin
Brent Schulkin@schulkin · Founder/CEO of MoneyVoice
@bracco Excited for this!
Amazing!!! Finally. Best app getting better now. Thx!
Tan Ing Siang
Tan Ing Siang@ist109 · Brunei Darussalam
Am I the only one who find the app laggy/slow? Wondering if that's my phone's issue or..?
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
I switched to dynalist long ago and the development has been exponentially faster + better.