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A collection of automated iOS Workflows

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Hi there! I'm Will. I made Workflow Gallery... super cool to see it on Product Hunt! Happy to answer any questions anybody has.
@ws There are a few interesting workflows on here (I've bought Workflow but struggled to find actual uses for it) - however I was only able to view a list of top-level actions for the workflow.. is there a way to see full details, or even just import directly into Workflow?
@mwarkentin If you open the site on your iPhone, you can see a "Get Workflow" button on all the workflows which lets you load directly into the app. Something I'm working on is a good way to transport workflows between the desktop and your iPhone/iPad so that you can actually download and install them.
Workflow, an appto automate actions on iOS by @conradev, @nickfrey, @vral, and @arix, was well-received on PH a month ago. It's encouraging to see someone else create this directory before them (reminds me of the Product Hunt collection sites that popped up before we created What's your favorite workflow, @ws?
@rrhoover I quite like the one that I use to manage the site ;) Another favorite is Remove Screenshots ( ultra simple, but ultra useful
As per @mwarkentin : I think that workflow is an awesome concept; just (much like IFTTT) it can be hard to think of use-cases for. As such, I think that Workflow Gallery is a great idea.
Much needed, their built in workflow gallery is good, but use cases for a tool should be community driven ๐Ÿ˜„