Worked Today

Time tracking for teams who hate tracking time.

Time tracking, but faster, less invasive, cheaper & better...
- A focus on speed and simplicity
- Daily nudges to help you keep up to date
- One click time tracking via Slack or Email
- Track whole or half days
- Full data export
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hello! πŸ‘‹ I am so excited to share Worked Today with you all so thanks for checking it out. Worked Today was born out of 3 companies I've worked at previously who all had requirements to track time spent on projects for various reporting reasons. A lot of the existing time tracking tools are aimed at agencies where time needs to be recorded down to the minute for client billing purposes. In my experience this has several issues... - it makes the tools painful and tedious to use - team members struggle to remember to update them regularly - team members feel a lack of trust at their time is being micro-managed - tools that attempt to auto track time often end up a mess Worked Today solves these issues by... - only tracking whole or half days - nudging users to track their time via Slack or Email - including one-click options in nudges to make things as fast as possible I'm proud of where Worked Today is for a v1, we have small user base of paying customers and the feedback has been really positive so far from everyone who's tried it out but there's lots more improvements in the pipeline. I'd love any feedback anyone is willing to give about the idea or product. Thanks a bunch, Andy. ❀
We're currently a week into trialling after trying both physical printouts and a shared Google doc. Within days the team were remarking about the Slack integration, how easy it is to remember to record their time, and how delightful the UI is. Great job, looking forward to seeing more!
@luke_redroot Thanks Luke, really glad to have you as an early customer and happy to hear you are finding value in the product.
We've been using the beta for the past few months and it really is perfect for small teams like ours where we only need day or half day tracking. As others have said the email and slack nudges at the end of the day are incredibly simple and 99% of the time mean time tracking is a single click per day. First time tracking software I've used that doesn't feel like it sucks up even more time!
@nickdtech Thanks Nick and really glad you are digging the simplicity. Good to hear we are living up the one click time tracking promise and keeping your team on track and distraction free.
Love the Slack integration πŸ™Œ
@lachlankirkwood Thanks ❀️ This is a really an MVP of the Slack functionality. Now Slack have released BlockKit I hope to really polish this experience to include more native Slack functionality such as day splitting directly within the slack UI. Lots more coming soon in this space.
@andykent Looking forward to following the product πŸ‘
After containing a minor developer rebellion caused by asking them to use Toggl we switched to the early beta version of and suddenly everyone was happy. Very quick and easy to use, non-intrusive and provides all the granularity you need for many many cases.