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Our vision is to make Nomad List for company cultures. You can see how each company works and find one that works best for you.
@natemhanson Good to see you gaining traction, Nate. Your communications with me have always been sincere and heartfelt. I'm confident that disposition will reflect in the manifestation of your product. Looking forward to checking it out today. :)
Would be so awesome if you could search by location!
@zachherbert Hey Zach! That's is something we're building into future versions. Appreciate the suggestion.
@natemhanson I figured, thanks!
What are your thoughts on company culture vs perks? Love the idea, but curious to know your thoughts on how effective this would be
@abnux We believe that culture is special because it is something any company can do regardless of the revenue stream/funding it has. Perks are dependent on the amount of money/funding a company has. We wanted this to be about overall company direction and beliefs about work, not just who could afford more fun things.