Automated, instant payroll on the blockchain.

Make Every Day Payday 💭🦊

*Selected as a TechCrunch Disrupt Top Pick in the blockchain category** puts your earnings in your pocket the moment you clock out, not weeks later. Automated, instant payroll on the blockchain. Why wait to get paid?

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42 Reviews4.9/5

The best wallet app I've found so far.


Smooth, easy-to-use, fast and convenient.


None that I can think of other than the blockchain space needs to develop further to get employers using the app. A matter of time.

Great, it look promising
Great job guys! As an entrepreneur in this space I see you've got what it takes.
@abasa Thanks for the support, can see you're doing awesome things as well. 🙌
This really seems to be the correct use of blockchain technology. How much adoption are you guys seeing with the businesses? Another point to note, this could also be very helpful for platform independent freelancers.
@siddharth_mungekar1 Thanks for the words of encouragement, and great point about the freelancers--another avenue we're currently exploring! it will be the best project keep going best team <3
@workchain @ishexocoin_selhexocoin Thanks a lot for the support!