WorkbenchAI is a zero code machine learning workbench that quickly exposes relationships in data and builds predictive algorithms that can be plugged into applications in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

WorkbenchAI whiteboxes the black box of machine learning with weightages that show how each feature influences each prediction

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Thanks for hunting us, Kevin! @kwdinc Hello World, I’m Subir, Head of Emerging Technology @ Khosla Labs. We first came up with WorkbenchAI to solve problems that other startups had here at Khosla Labs. When Srikanth Nadhamuni, CEO of Novopay, realised that lending to their network of retailers could be mutually beneficial, he approached me to join Khosla Labs. I left the Mu Sigma Innovations & Development Lab and got started building an AI focused team at Khosla Labs. Before too long, we built an AI-enabled Credit Rating Engine for the retailers who worked with Novopay. Many kirana store owners were not graduates; most didn’t have formal (CIBIL) credit scores. Our team leveraged hundreds of data sources, including online indicators, store transaction history, public records, cell phone meta-data, etc. to build a machine learning credit scoring engine. Before long, we recognized that most banks are reluctant to use Machine Learning applications. Regulatory bodies, such as the Reserve Bank of India, require loan rejections to be predicated upon a reason. You can’t just say that a model indicated that applicants would default… We initially solved for credit rating, but we noticed that many Financial Institutions have an abundance of data and not enough Data Scientists. This is how WorkbenchAI was born, we developed an industry agnostic tool that enables everyone with data to build predictive models from their data. WorkbenchAI by Clutch.AI fosters a culture of citizen data scientists, who can interpret the machine learning models they build without writing a single line of code. The Clutch.AI Zero Code machine learning workbench whiteboxes the black box, explaining how each prediction is derived, with weightage given to each attribute’s influence. We'd love to know what you think.Feel free to ask us any questions anytime.
Thanks for the support, @eboy! Feel free to reach out if you've got any questions / suggestions!!
Great job!! Is it useful for non tech ?
@ayush_chandra, it's an industry agnostic tool! If you have data from retail or anywhere else, it can be used to explore relationships and build predictive models!
Hey Jerry. Do you offer a free trial for the product?
@nivasravi thanks for writing to us.We currently don't offer a free trial of the product. However, we're happy to get on a call to discuss your requirements and see what we can do for you.
What is the pricing? I’m looking to explore clinical trial data
Great chatting with you @adigadiko! I'll share your research background with our team at Khosla Labs and get back to you today 🤠