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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2017

Solo helps freelancers get organised , get paid & get moving.

Freelancers waste almost 30 days a year on admin.

Solo combines over 10 different financial & business tools into one free app so you can hustle from anywhere.

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Great idea for product but sooooo upsetting that there is no Android/web option :(
@patrickbolle @isonnysood Yes, I think web version is something really good to have. A choice is always a good thing to have!
@patrickbolle thanks Patrick. It's in the roadmap and we'll be raising a round in q4 to fund a web version and android version.
@sj_vipin thanks Vipin. Is this something you would rather use more on web than native app? Thanks
@isonnysood Well UI of the app is instrumental here and yours is good, but I'd love to have a web version since it's related to work! You could take app as an example here. The app version is hardly a success and I doubt the reason is not just the performance of the app but also what users prefer. Again, who wouldn't love a choice? :)
@sj_vipin thanks. We're a small team but we hear you on android, web and USA.
UK only? :/
@madebyues sorry at moment. Which country are you in? Thanks.
@isonnysood India on your roadmap?
When is this going to be available in the US App Store?
@brentonhouse when would you like it? Anyone else? Thank you for writing.
@isonnysood sadly, you probably lost most of the momentum you could have had from a Product Hunt launch by not releasing worldwide. I know if I go to try out an app and it is not available in the App Store, chances are slim to none that I am going to remember to go try it again later.
@brentonhouse thanks for being frank. It's pretty costly to launch an app globally that does bank financial aggregation and all the other bits from one app. We share your frustration that we are not everywhere but we have to start somewhere 🤓
@isonnysood ok. better luck next time.
@isonnysood yes, pleas launch in the US store. Would love this.
This looks the stuff. Congrats. But, if everything is free, how is this sustainable?
I like the idea but I can’t try. When will the app be available on the Spanish or Italian App Store? 😁