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CEO of rebel.com, Rob Villeneuve, joins us on the podcast to discuss getting things done, engaging great teams and creating a positive work environment. Topics covered: -Rob's best work smart tip -"Mad, sad, glad" and other useful games to play at work -Getting everyone to contribute to company progress -Teams that create change & hold themselves accountable -Rob's entrepreneurial journey Rob's book recommendation: Agile Retrospectives - Making Good Teams Great Rob has extended 20% off any domain name, email or website to Work Smart listeners. Simply use checkout code "worksmart" to redeem the offer at rebel.com =) Rob on Twitter: @Viller613 Rob's Website: about.me/robvilleneuve ----- Get alerts when we publish new podcast episodes: Register @ blog.getspeakup.com Create positive change at work and give everyone the power to SpeakUp, try it free: getspeakup.com Host more intelligent meetings with SpeakUp Live (live Q&A): getspeakup.com/live Follow us on Twitter: @GetSpeakUp