Work in Crypto

A job board for the cryptocurrency ecosystem

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Was waiting for this! (because I was building one myself 😜) Nice job (get it?!) 😏
@bentossell thanks, I imagined that I'm not the only one building a job board related with crypto :)
@bentossell @pmcpinto woah, with was launched 3 months ago… i was not following 😊
I’ve been following what’s happening in the cryptocurrency world since 2013 and as ecosystem is grows each passing day, especially after the Ethereum release, with amazing new projects like Decentraland, Golem, district0x and others, I’m seeing more and more interesting job opportunities in this area. So I’ve decided to create this simple job board focused on the cryptocurrency industry. As the board grows in terms of offers I plan to add more features: filters, search, etc I hope it will be useful to some Product Hunters. And I would love to have some feedback. Thanks :)