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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 08, 2015
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Hey PHunters! I’m Benson, co-creator of Work Hard Anywhere, an iPhone (Android to come) app that helps you discover the best laptop-friendly cafes & workspaces. Work may be hard, but finding a place to work shouldn’t be. Before WHA, my buddy Cody (@cokodude) and I bootstrapped several projects in the past, and since we don’t live near each other, we'd meet up at cafes and libraries to get work done together. It’s always a gamble to find places with outlets, seats, and WiFi to work from, so we began building Work Hard Anywhere to track the ones we’ve been to. We’ve spent the past 10 months building this app with our community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, students, travelers, and remote workers, who currently use our app to explore 2500+ locations across 600 cities countries. We're not funded or backed by PR firms; just two techies who wanted to solve a problem we had (except we built this one from cafes, and not our garage). Ask us anything! Feedback/criticism super welcome, thanks!
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@imaginaryzebra Love the concept, will definitely try it out this weekend.
@mrwongsteven Sweet, excited to hear your feedback!
I've been a beta tester (WHA Pioneer) for the past few months, and have added or updated dozens of coffee shops in several cities. Cody and Benson have built a unique product here that solves finding a coffee shop you can work from. I've been impressed with the attention they've paid to their community along the way. Highly recommended.
@kicksopenminds Woot, thanks, Taylor!
@kicksopenminds Thanks Taylor, we appreciate all the feedback you've given us, it's been really really helpful!
I love this. I have been using it for about 2 months and it's helped me plan where I will work from when I am in SF at the end of the month! :D Great tool.
@amandacnagy YES! glad you found it useful, Amanda :D
Great job! Started to play with it today and already hooked - just need to get all my current haunts here in the UK uploaded.
@jaysteruk Woohoo thanks! I hope you find it useful, and if not, please don't hesitate to let us know why!
I've been using WHA for a few months, and as a student, I have to say it's my go-to for finding cool spots to go study! I even use it for discovering new places while traveling. Will definitely recommend it now that it's available to everyone. Great job guys!
@helloem_ Thanks, Emily :)
@helloem_ Thanks Emily, it's really nice to hear that!