Work From Home Party

Open Zoom Room for People Working At Home

This is just an open Zoom Room where everyone is on mute, but working from home. No need to talk or interact, but also you're welcomed to chat. Will this last forever? Probably not.
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For the better part of the last couple years, when I'm not traveling for work or on-site in our Taipei office, I'm working from home. Takes a bit to get used to, but I've found it super productive. One of the toughest parts about it is loneliness / isolation / lower morale, but you learn ways to fight it. If you're working from home today, feel free to join me on this open Zoom Room. I'll probably just say hi and keep the volume on low, but also happy to chat. Will do this every work day until a better solution comes along (if any founders are working on this, would love to chat!). Domain: