Work Club

Choose your coworkers. Work from unexpected places.

It's WFH day. You hit snooze (twice) and head to the couch. Slack, email...whoa it's 11am! Ok brush your teeth. Blink twice, it's 6pm. You haven't talked to a REAL person all day. We love the freedom of remote work, but working alone can suck. Enter Work Club.
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Hey hunters! Steve & Kyle here, founders at Out Of Office. We started Work Club ( because remote work can be awesome, isolating, and depressing...all at the same time. It's like WeWork, but without the insane rent or loneliness. We're solving the workspace problem for real people, not big companies :) We had one too many days like the one ^above^ and thought – what if we could pick our own coworkers and find awesome workspace that doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars? The product is simple: for around $10 we find you an inspiring place to work, buy you a fancy coffee or lunch, and introduce you to a small crew of coworkers for the day. We’ve had Work Clubs at coffee shops, coworking spaces, and even breweries! Don’t worry, it’s not another lame networking event. But you will meet people — and you’ll have your most productive workday in months. Hit the link & sign up to hear about Work Clubs in your area. Thanks for taking a look!
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@stflory This is looks a great idea, why don't you have your elevator pitch posted on your website? Is it $10 a day/week/event/month? When will you be in Austin? :)
@softsound Thanks for the note, Ashley! We charge between $5-$10 for each event, and it always includes free coffee, and sometimes lunch, and sometimes a beer sampler :) We've had a lot of Austin interest, and we've even scouted out some cool coffee shops there that we'd love to host at. Stay tuned!
Total game changer!
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@tyler_snellings Thanks! Hope you like it :)
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Fantastic finally seeing this out the door @stflory!, totally signing up!
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This is really cool! I hope you have more cities planned!
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@thedrivenlife we're mostly on the west coast right now, as that is where our team is located. But as we get more interest, we'll be adding more quickly. Stay tuned!
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@thedrivenlife where are you located? I'll make sure to take a look for other people nearby.
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I've been loving Work Club for the past few weeks, it's made a world of difference. I work on a fully remote team, which is great for flexibility but can be tough on direct communication, so having this break up the monotony of working from home has been amazing. Attendees are great company, the spaces are always unique and comfortable, and the included coffee is a major perk. 10/10
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@joekovach82 Thanks Joseph! Glad you liked it :) Looking forward to seeing you soon