Work at a Startup - from Y Combinator

One common application for hundreds of top engineering jobs.

Work at a Startup - from Y Combinator is a common application to apply to hundreds of top startups.

How it works: Applicants fill out an application with their background and experience. Then, Y Combinator-alum companies browse through applications and start a conversation with people they are interested in.

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Super cool, might use this when I'm done with school.
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This is a cool concept - who has access to the applications? Is it all portfolio founders? And are they permanent roles on offer? Across what fields? Could it be that multiple startups approach the same candidate? I'm thinking about scenarios where the applicant is approached by a company where they aren't interested / aligned with the mission. @snowmaker @ramonrecuero
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@snowmaker @abadesi thank you for the comment. Right now, portfolio founders and their recruiting team are the only ones with access to the applications. Work At A Startup just supports engineering roles right now but we plan to expand this in the future. Communications can be started by the candidate at any time. Founders and their recruiting team can see a candidate application only when candidates mark their application as public.
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Hi ProductHunt! We're excited to launch Work at a Startup today! Work at a Startup is a common application for engineers to apply to many YC companies simultaneously. Engineers fill out a single application, and interested YC companies will reach out to them. Applicants can also browse the list of all hiring companies hiring for roles that fit their interests. For now, Work at a Startup is specifically for software engineers (including data scientists and devops). We started with that because we wanted to stay focused and get it working really well for one category before expanding. Once we’re ready, we’ll add support for the dozens of roles YC companies are hiring for. Work at a Startup has been in a public beta since December 2017 and we’ve been iterating on it quickly ever since based on feedback and user interviews with both applicants and YC founders using Work at a Startup to source their engineers. It’s come a long way! That said, there’s still a lot more to come. We’ll be continuously evaluating and scrutinizing the questions included in the application to make sure everything we’re asking has a high signal to noise ratio to match applicants with the best startups for them. Besides the common application, we’ll be using Work at a Startup as a platform for YC to engage with the community and establish a set of best practices for working at a startup in 2018 so that prospective employees have a tool belt for evaluating startups and the compensation packages they offer. Thank you for taking the time to check this out! We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
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Is it just for engineering jobs, or can you apply for design jobs, etc?
@hellochriscole Just engineering jobs for now. We'll expand it in the future :)
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