Wordzen 2.0

We write your emails for you. Literally.

Wordzen is the easiest way to have professional emails written for you while you're on the go. Just talk into your phone, and our editors will draft the perfect email for you.

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    great concept, useful, helpful


    can use improvements

    It's a great idea, does some really cool work for me. I would say that this product seems to be in it’s early stages as I would expect a product like this to offer a way to do voice recording directly from a phone. when uploading a recording for them to prepare a message from I sometimes get back a message stating that the quality of the recording is insufficient which is pretty frustrating hopefully they will improve their product where they would be able to discern the message even from less than perfect recording quality

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    A true productivity booster!



    It's an excellent product that does more than save you time wordsmithing your daily communications. It's real support for professionals who prefer not to lose time creating the "perfect" email. Wordzen does that for you, so you can stay focused on business.

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I'm stoked to present the new Wordzen, which was recently approved as an official Gmail Add-on. I built Wordzen because I wanted a faster way to reply to emails myself. And I'm NOT talking about templated replies that can be copied/pasted. I'm talking about custom replies that need to be thought out and typed. I realized that talking is so much easier and faster. You just talk into your phone (or your desktop), and on the other end, one of my editors will listen to what you said and draft a professional email that makes you sound awesome! This is NOT transcription. They're not just typing word for word what you speak. If they were, you could just use the voice-to-text feature on your phone. The editors listen to your tone and intent behind your words and then write the best possible email based on what you've said. You can be lazy. Feel free to umm, err, repeat yourself, and trip over your words. In the end, you'll get a professional email written in perfect English. I can now answer my emails while I'm on the go -- while in a cab, while holding my baby, and even when I'm in the bathroom. I wish I could admit just how much I use this while driving, but I don't want to encourage any bad habits. :) Ask me questions! Even boring ones. Unlike Elon, I'll answer them.
@parttimesnob Really liked the glimpse I've got after a little research about Wordzen. Curious to know more, better if i could get some helpline number, please.
I have been using Wordzen for ages. I think I was among the first users from the early beta version. As a person who isn't a native English speaker, Wordzen is a must-have tool that will polish all your emails and make them ready-to-go. Thanks to Wordzen, I don't need to spend time reviewing articles and tuning my sentence construction. Occasionally, a Wordzen editor changes the meaning of my initial message, so I need to review the edited versions carefully. Otherwise, it's a great tool that makes my email communication much easier.
@alextachalova Thank you for the honest feedback! Yes, we do have improvements to make with meaning changes, but hopefully that's a rare occurrence.
I love wordzen. I use it at my desk and via my iphone. It probably saves me 4-5 hours per week.
Seems like an awesome product for non-native English speakers who could use it as both a voice-to-text service, as well as an editing service. Similar to "Can you proofread my blog post?"(https://www.producthunt.com/post...), but for emails :)
@daviswbaer I was so looking for a service like blog proofreading, let me check it out
A small step that is beneficial. I like this. But I'm very excited for the next version. I feel like a version 2, where it auto suggestions responses etc. Would be AMAZING. A very basic version of what Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) does for Theodore's email in the movie "Her". Hopefully you can follow my train of thought :P