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Hi there! The idea for Wordzen was born out of seeing generally successful entrepreneurs "right" horrible emails! I also realized that I spend way too much time crafting polite responses when I'd love to just say "yes" or "no" or "okay", but am afraid I'd sound rude. Hence, the goal of Wordzen is to simplify your email life by allowing you to spend less time drafting messages while ensuring they are still emotionally intelligent and contain perfect English. Wordzen's editors draft email messages for you based on your shorthand notes, and they also edit/proofread your emails. It's a Firefox/Chrome browser extension that adds a "Smart Send" button next to the standard "Send" button.
@parttimesnob Just wondering how you would handle a response like "That design is *****, need better" :)
@cprins_ @parttimesnob Try it out and you'll see! :) We use as many contextual clues as possible when drafting/editing an email. So in your thread, there will likely be clues as to what is wrong with the design, and we might even be able to determine that ourselves from a URL, so we'll extrapolate that and replace the ***** with appropriate language.
@cprins_ hopefully they would fire the client for you ;)
@cprins_ @mikeeshattuck @parttimesnob Hah! I'm sure we could tactically draft a graceful termination letter for you.
Fantastic results. Guys, we'd like to ask you to respond to our support tickets and reviewing the FAQ articles. Though, I don't feel it's gonna be a fair use of your free service. Would you mind charging us?
@visualpharm Glad you like it Ivan! I'll contact you privately to discuss this.
This is fantastic! I wish there was Safari plugin or more preferably support for non-plugin methods (such as simple in-mail CC or forward). I don't use web interface unlike most of Gmail adepts.
@vladzima We will soon be writing our plugin for Safari. We did Chrome and Firefox first since they are more popular. Although we don't publicize it widely, you can also email content to edit@wordzen.com for editing/proofreading.
@parttimesnob Oh wow you actually have a disclaimer about that in the footer. I'm in!
@vladzima Just saw your signup come through. Thanks!
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This is great! I waste a ton of time trying to write a simple "yes" or "no" in the best way.