#wordup AR Camera

Add AR magic in your videos πŸŽ₯

What used to take hours in after Effets can now be done live in AR! Type anything in 3D and add it to your world! Use emojis, a weather widget, add some snow falling, or even some bokeh effects to your shots! Photo or video, portrait or landscape. Perfect for Stories and social media posts with! Ideal for 3D birthday cards and product promo videos!

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Hey guys! It took me a while to polish this update but it is finally here and I can't wait for you to try this new version of #wordup! Leave me a comment below to get a voucher to unlock all the good things forever! (limited to 30, first come first serve!!)
@londonrom Love to try this beauty out an be a loyal user for life 😜
@arsenbenda Awesome! Here is your code A4YWYM77NXK4
@londonrom Your work is amazing. . Love it try this πŸ˜…
@rahul_nimje Thank you so much Rahul! Here is your code to redeem 9JX6HKEHH6KT
@londonrom Wow this is awesome! Would love to get a voucher to play around with it!
The video shows the AR object going behind a real tree. Is this possible or is it faked in the video?
@pallav_agarwal It's shown on 0:11 in the video on the post. Is this fake?
@pallav_agarwal 100% real deal live AR magic buddy! The poo emoji also disappears behind the flower pot in the icon GIF. I am using arkit to detect flat surfaces and occlude the ar objects behind. The app just does that automatically, all you need to do is to scan the wall/floor/table a few seconds. Here is your voucher! RA7X3JFX6HAP
@londonrom That's absolutely amazing! Just tried the app and this is by far one of the most awesome features that I haven't seen anywhere else. Kudos!
@pallav_agarwal thank you! That comment made my day!
@pallav_agarwal @londonrom Totally agree. This is so cool.
@andrewjb44 Thanks Andrew! My little gift for you : 3RFE4379PF7K
Would love to try this out!
@joanna_faraday You got it Joanna! The app is free, and this voucher will unlock all the goodies : XWYJ4JH47FNW Have fun!
@pbellot Thanks Patrick! Great to have a you as a beta user.