Your words in Augmented Reality

#wordup is the quickest way to add AR words into your photos and videos


  • Sean PJPGR DoranDirector of Design, Wiretap

    Fun and great for a v1 :)


    Having to type the message every time you clear the existing words is a bit of a pain. Direct manipulation of the text would be 💯

    Looking forward to updates in the future 👋

    Sean PJPGR Doran has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    AR application everyone can use



    Innovative and fun utilization of AR

    Russell Hartill has never used this product.


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Lewis Bertolucci@lewis502 · Founder, Sellyhoo - Selling made simple.
Great concept, I think there could be some improvements in the UX, however. The ghost isn't entirely clear what that does, why do I have to face a light source / what does it do and it'd be nice to be able to resize and move the text vs. toggling back and forth. Personally, if I were to pay for the additional fonts, I'd like a selection of fonts that are more clean vs. 'fun' - seems 90-esque. Nice work using ARKit, hope to see some iterations.
RomainMaker@londonrom · CEO, Ubicolor
@lewis502 Thanks Lewis, I agree with everything you say! 😅 About the screen facing the main light source : #wordup is adding a virtual light in the 3D scene when you start the session so the text can cast shadows on the floor or tables etc (horizontal planes ARKit recognises as you move the phone). AR looks real if all the shadows in the picture are in the same direction, so the phone needs to know where the main light is. I agree the solution isn't perfect though.
RomainMaker@londonrom · CEO, Ubicolor
A really fun way to make your social photos and videos a little different! (please watch the video with sound! There is a sick beat from Joakim Karud 🎧
Stephen M. Levinson@stephenmarklevi · Design @Vimeo @Cameo
Can you add images too?
RomainMaker@londonrom · CEO, Ubicolor
@stephenmarklevi no, but that's a good shout for another app!
Adrian Parkes@banshee_apps · Banshee Apps
This is pretty Badass!!!! :)
RomainMaker@londonrom · CEO, Ubicolor
@banshee_apps Thanks Adrian, let me know if you post something, I can't wait to see people using it on social media! Also, if you see any improvements that can be made, feel free to tell me!
Anthony Da Mota@akdm_ · I upvote things that matter.
Why no support for iPhone 6? :(
RomainMaker@londonrom · CEO, Ubicolor
@akdm_ Hello, these are the restrictions from Apple. ARkit enabled devices have a A9 chip or above, which started in iPhone 6s.