Words of Heart

Dating app matching with passwords - beware what you share

Words of Heart is an app with a unique take on online dating -- create an account and you will be matched with other singles based on your password ❣️

Please note the password you use will be sent in plain text to the server -- it is not secure. Don't use a password you use on any other accounts.

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They should have named this Plenty of Phish.
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@chrismessina This comment WINS all !!
@paul__walsh It might take a bit of time. But if you can explain briefly _how_ this is insecure, it might make the post more understandable.
Wooaaaah! What about the security of my password? 🙀
😂😂Sometimes we need something on here to not take ourselves so seriously

Insecure application. DO NOT USE. Terrible UX as well.


None. The password is sent in plain-text to the server.


The password is sent in plain-text to the server.

It's not open-source, goodness knows what they're doing with your password.

given most people use the same password for everything, seems like a bit of a risky proposition....