Words Clock

Time expressions you have never seen before ...

Although there are different races, regions, and cultures, the concept of time has become more and more consistent. We try to put aside the shackles of the traditional Arabic digital clock and re-interpret the process of time lapse through Chinese characters. The final effect is satisfactory, and there is a contradiction between words and time.

Hi, everybody,this is video of AppPreview https://youtu.be/wb7XI59C_ZE I am a person who likes to watch the physical clock, not the digital clock. Listening to the second hand in an extremely quiet environment will calm me down. How can I make the "watching time" this thing more physical in the phone? I thought of using Chinese words instead of ordinary digital clocks to reawaken our fear of time. So I started the design of Words Clock. Hope you like it and we would love to hear your thoughts.
@alexli video nor facebook page is not available could you also link it to the appstore promotion text for others. it is really hard to understand what the clock does and how it differs; i checked google and typed arabic digital clock and find nothing relevant. i feel like i'm going to love your product but if i can understand well. maybe a small script what is the history... i came back to product hunt to find out more but sadly nothing.
@boralp Sorry, I have encountered some problems because I posted the product on Product Hunt for the first time. For example, I tried to add the video directly to Product Hunt, but it didn't work. So I uploaded it to facebook and I can open the link directly . You can try searching for the keyword " kollway " on the AppStore. You should be able to see the two products I developed.
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out
Interesting concept! Perfect for an smartwatch, isn't it?
@patriciasaco That a good idea ^_^