A thesaurus and translate app for Mac & iOS.


Find concise definitions pinpointing synonyms and antonyms!


Translate any blob of text from English to Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish.

Over 275,000 words

Search more than 275,000 synonyms, antonyms, related words, and idiomatic phrases.

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Hello Everyone, I've been working on WordProbe for the past few months as a tool to help with my upcoming novel. Finding a decent thesaurus app for macOS was challenging so I made one. The +275,000 words one of the things that really sets this app apart from others. You can't find an API on the web with this collection of words plus translations. Adding translation was a personal challenge to do more. Future plans include a deeper dive into the origin of words. Let me know if you hav any questions!
@terrillowalls So I downloaded the app. I enter a word. So now how do I get it to give me the the thesaurus output?
Great job!! 😊 Would like to have Windows 10?
Does this replace the built in one?