A simple CLI tool to migrate from Wordpress to Gatsby.

Migrate from Wordpress to Gatsby without pain!

Huge community is migrating from Wordpress to Gatsby, especially developers. In order to migrate with ease and out of my pain I created this tool.

With gatsby-wordpress-migrate you can convert all your wordpress posts and download all the images to gatsby-blog compatible in a fraction of a command.

Alex Spyropoulos
Dimitris Raptis
  • Dimitris Raptis
    Dimitris RaptisFront-engineer @loceye

    Easy to use CLI tool solving a common problem since Gatsby's skyrocket πŸš€


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    I'm gonna migrate my wordpress blog to Gatsby soon 🀘

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Hey makers πŸ™Œ Just published the Wordpress2Gatsby CLI tool for migrating without any pain from Wordpress to Gatsby. Gatsby is currently gaining a lot of traction and GitHub found that in 2018 was the 5th fastest growing topic. I guess a lot of us, like I did will migrate to Gatsby the next year so I hope you will enjoy the frictionless experience with the tool. Waiting for your feedback.
This is cool, but why not name it wordpress2markdown? There are many SSGs that could benefit from this.
@tommyjvedvik to be honest with you I haven't thought about it, I was focusing only on providing the best transition from Wordpress to Gatsby. But your idea seems interesting and I think this will be my next package. Thank you πŸ˜€