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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2016
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Sorry, but there is just way too much clicking that I need to go through to view any of the resources. I click on the homepage, wait for the animation (cool the first time, annoying the next 23 times), then see a page with the resources, but no descriptions. Then have to click through again to finally get to the resource. For those creating their own stacks there has to be a better design than just a grid of blocks that act as categories. Also, tell me why these resources were selected (curated). Are they just the obvious ones you found and needed to ensure you have over 100 resources? Out of all those theme shops one doesn't stand out from the crowd? 7 SEO plugins and I have to click through to each one and do my own research? Tell me which one is the best for which situation. Do more than just providing me with another list. The first two stacks were great, the next 19 followed the same pattern and didn't improve anything. Basically now people are creating sites that are nothing more than the first page of Google results for a query. The exception is that Google gives me a description. Then these get voted up on PH with their low hanging fruit and it just means that 10 more of these will pop up next week. I know, I know, I should just stay away if they bother me so much, but if these are product people creating these stacks then they have to see that the product can evolve. If the goal is to truly help people out then there is definitely a better format/feature set that can be provided. If the goal is just to make an easy top 10 finish for PH then just ignore everything I've said from here. But seriously, kill that loading animation for the resources page. It's no fun seeing it after the first time.
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Hi @scrivs, first of all I want to thank you for your comment. The idea of WordPress Stack is the desire to create a directory that would combine useful free and paid resources from different marketplace. You are right in saying that some elements can be improved, such as animations and graphics of a few pages, but WordPress Stack is a simple project created in a week that we hope to improve through the feedback from our early adopters like Hunters. Obviously we want to improve our prototype and we are happy to welcome all feedback like your;)
Great collection! Added to http://thestacks.im
@ahmetsulek we are honored to be added to your site. Thank you very much !
No longer exists, or at least not at this url.
this is awesome
@hossk1 thx a lot for this amazing gif ;)
project and website down.