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Are these free plugins? What am I paying for?
@dredurr Here's their What We Do: We Bring Freedom To Busy People Your WordPress website will run like a well-oiled machine, 24/7. And you’ll never have to lift a finger. updates-coding Say Goodbye To Risky WordPress Updates Maintaining WordPress updates is time consuming and can lead to critical issues if done wrong. We stay on top of updating your plugins, theme and WordPress core while ensuring your website functions perfectly. There's Nothing Quite Like Peace Of Mind You’ve invested lots of time and money into your website. Our intense security monitoring & secured backups protect that investment. Never worry again about getting hacked or losing your data.
@dredurr The Plugin Stack is just something they added to their site, probably to drive more people to their site to hire them.
@dredurr Some of the plugins are free, some are paid. I built this stack to help others find the best WordPress plugins in less time, instead of researching for themselves.
@gmgrimley You're exactly right. This stack is a way to drive relevant traffic to our website, and it's also a helpful tool to people using WordPress. WebsiteCareWP offers WordPress support & maintenance services to people/companies that don't have the time and/or expertise to take care of the variety of maintenance tasks.
Great list. Something that might make it even more exciting is to have a curated stack of plugins that play well together in different scenarios / use cases. For example, a blogger with 1 digital product and several opt in upgrades, with a focus on list building, might use: EDD Opt in Panda WordFence UpdraftPlus Instagram Feed AddThis WP Super Cache Yoast (note) I haven't personally used this combination of plugins - I'm just choosing from the current list. Or, a group of plugins that play well together to create a simple membership site, or a small ecommerce store, etc. I think the possibilities could be endless & could really make this page (or pages) on this website a great 'go to resource' for people as they're creating new WP sites, with the potential of many still upgrading to work with Website Care WP
@lahara This is a fantastic idea! Even though we took time to curate plugins in specific categories, it would definitely be helpful to select the type of website you are building, THEN see a curated list of plugins that are ideal for that type of website. Thank you! Keep an eye out for this in the near future :)
Hi everyone, I'm excited to share the WordPress Plugin Stack with the community today! I've been designing and developing websites on WordPress for 6+ years now, and would find myself searching for plugins on every new build. I initially started putting together a list in Trello, and eventually decided to build this resource page. It's saved me time, and I figured it would help others that are building websites on WordPress. The goal is to constantly add new plugins to this list, as I find more great plugins. Thanks for hunting the stack @_jacksmith !
cool product, providing some curation to the overwhelming number of wordpress plugins
Curious Tyrel + Garrett, what's the long-term vision? Sifting through plugins for all types of software is such a pain in the ass.
@zachtratar Well the long term vision for this stack is simple; we plan on constantly adding plugins that we discover in the future. We have some other ideas for free tools/resources for the WordPress community that we want to develop, it's just a matter of time.