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Irving Torres
Freelance Designer
Extremely useful. The way I usually go about it is to preview it in photoshop but this is really quick.
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Sebastian RumbergI do things at Ballou PR
I agree with Irving. We start quite a lot new companies per year and this is a perfect way of trying out different styles for our new ventures. Wonderful! The marketing team at HitFox Group and FinLeap are big fans already. It would be very useful to export the selection in a pdf or image. This way it could be perfect mood board for design projects. I'm sure people would pay for this feature.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
This is useful. I create the header graphics every day for the Product Hunt email, often incorporating different fonts; however, Omingraffle (and the default text inspector on the Mac) doesn't show each font as it's displayed. Guess and checking to find the right font is cumbersome and time consuming.
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Ben Fisher
designer + hacker. #NYC #SF
useful tool created by @fahrio :)
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Ola MöllerFounder at MethodKit
This is brilliant, why didn't someone think about this before°! Edit: Just testing it. Thinking, would it be possible to add a thickbox with 100 in letterspacing?! Many font really look different with a different spacing. *nerdquestion*
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