A lightweight blog publishing editor for Markdown writers

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Very nice work! :)
Got a couple suggestions: - CSS themes for the preview (so we can preview exactly how it will look on the site) - MOAR fonts! (perhaps select any font) - Image Upload Service Rackspace Cloud Files (or custom API) - Kramdown support (or a choice of multiple Markdown converter)
@vallieres Thank you so much for the comment. Your suggestions are valuable! Regarding fonts, you can actually enter any font in your system to use.
@dabin1990 Thanks! Keep up the great work!
For the love of god does anyone know how the folder system works in this app? I just can't work it out. there is a folder list in the sidebar but I can't add a folder or save to a folder. If anyone knows how to do this I would be so grateful to hear from you.
@sassigeeks Thank you for the comment! Sorry about the confusion. The right way to add folder is to drag and drop the folder to the sidebar. I will definitely add more options (a clear button) for adding folders! Thanks again.
This looks lovely! Nice work